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- Our advantages -

Having investigated different combinations of vegetable oils we have found the particular formula of solid soap, which meets our requirements for this product: a good detergent with moisturizing features as well as with pleasant soft foam that does not cause allergies or irritations.

  • We produce our soap on the newest high-tech German made equipment that enables us to produce it of high quality;
  • One of the characteristics of “Marigold natural” toilet soap is the content of “Total Fatty Matter” which is at least 79%. This indicator reflects the amount of oil in the total weight of soap. The higher TFM is, the better is the soap and the lower is the water volume. Plenty of manufacturers substitute certain percentage of oils with water in order to reduce the total costs of final product, as the price of water is extremely low in comparison with the high price of oil. However, our company ensures that TFM of our soap is always within 79% – 82% (82% is the highest possible level for the production of quality soap) and not lower, checking the quality of products at every stage of its manufacture process;
  • For our soap production we use only oils of vegetable origin while many domestic and foreign manufacturers replace them with cheaper animal fat;
  • Our soap contains glycerin, which moisturizes your skin;
  • Our soap is suitable even for the most sensitive skin, as it doesn’t contain Free Alkali;
  • Each bar of our soap is unique. Our products please not only by their quality and exquisite aromas, but also by their looks. Every single piece of soap is carefully wrapped into bright packaging.